Rainer Lorz

Rainer’s passion is to inspire and motivate other people.

Rainer’s passion is to inspire and motivate other people.

He is an exceptional professional and an outstanding trainer in the wrap industry. His achievements in this area have made him a leader and innovator. Rainer’s background as a certified Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer (Wrapping, Tinting, PPF), Avery Dennison Specialist Installer and as Avery Dennison Specialist Converter has enabled him to have a successful career as a renowned trainer.

Rainer’s journey began 18 years ago with his own company. He started wrapping in 2003 and two years later he added window tinting to his portfolio. In order to develop himself further, Rainer started wrapping at demos and live shows during exhibitions in 2010. His experience in this field set him apart from those around him.

In 2016, Rainer became an Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer for full vehicle wrapping. Two years later, Rainer started as an Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer for tinting and paint protection. At this time, he started producing videos for TWI and even became a member of MOB: Masters of Branding.

When you meet Rainer you will be amazed by his personal and professional skills. He uses effective and efficient communication, time management, attention to detail coupled with “German” organization. He always works with a positive attitude and a smile as he found its the key ingredient to success in the wrap industry..

He is driven by the desire to combine what people achieve with what they believe they deserve. Rainer’s passion is to inspire other people and to help them discover their full potential.

Justin Pate

Justin has wrapped over 3000 vehicles

Justin Pate is an Avery Dennison CWI trainer and 3M Certified graphics instructor/installer who specializes in wrap training for all substrates – walls, floors, windows and primarily vehicles. Justin began car wrapping in 1996 in New York City and, in 2007, moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Over his 22-year career, Justin has wrapped over 3000 vehicles, a majority of them by himself. By closely studying the vehicle graphic installation process, Justin created a highly efficient carwrapping platform called UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation System. UGIS is the basis for the workshops he teaches throughout the world and has been officially endorsed by Avery-Dennison in North America.

On January 1, 2014, Justin launched his streaming video platform – The Wrap Institute. TWI has over 1700 videos at over 400 hours. The video library covers all aspects of installation techniques: cars, walls, windows, tinting, floors, electronics and much more. Each workday a new video is added and annul members get unlimited access to all the videos. To learn more about TWI go to: www.wrapinstitute.com.

Along with making videos for The Wrap Institute, Justin teaches hands-on workshops across the world. Most notably, Justin heads the carwrap workshop and certification program for Avery Dennison in North America. He also teaches workshops in Brazil for Alltak and for other Avery Dennison regions like Australia, Japan and South Africa
When Justin is done for the day he spends his time with his wife Beertje and daughter Tigerlily.